Thomas Fountain "Mountain Climber" EP

Thomas Fountain “Mountain Climber” EP Release

Singer-songwriter, Thomas Fountain is back with the September 14th release of his Sophomore EP, “Mountain Climber” This EP maintains Fountain’s signature Classic-Country sound and is heavily influenced by the experiences of living in his hometown of Jasper, Georgia. The release of “Mountain Climber” is much different than the previously released self titled EP. The complete six song EP will be available immediately as a physical CD on the upcoming release tour, and for purchase on the website store. The songs will be released as singles on a monthly basis via streaming platforms and digital retailers beginning with the lead off single, “I Don’t Mind”.

“I want to be able to pair a lot of quality content to each song. I think it will give the listener a variety of ways to experience the music. Creatively it allows the freedom to highlight the songs in a way that is unique. Much like chapters, the singles tell a certain part of the story that makes up the whole that is “Mountain Climber” We are making this EP available to everyone in the way they would like to receive it and I am very excited to see what the reaction will be.”